How to cook “Shiitake no Tataki” fried shiitake mushroom.

Japanese shiitake mushroom recipes

I love Japanese Shiitake  mushrooms.
Because the shiitake looks so appetizing and is delicious.

Shiitake  mushrooms  are easy to cook and very versatile.

I boil it , I bake it and I fried it , I cook any kind of dish.
I cook the shiitake mushroom in fried vegetables, miso soup and any food served in a pot, and eat it up.


If you ask me,

What is your recommend dish for shiitake mushrooms ?

I say,

Shiitake no Tataki is.

I think Japanese dish called “Shiitake no Tataki” is the best in the shiitake mushroom recipes.
It is the Japanese country-side dish.

Recipe for the Shiitake no tataki

Japanese dish "shiitake no tataki"

Here is the recipe called “the Shiitake no tataki”


Fried shiitake mushroom, flavoring with Soy sauce,Vinegar and Sugar.

And put a small amount of Juice of ginger,or the citron for flaver.


‘tataki’ means patting with condiments on meat or fish.

So , ‘tataki’ without any physical act ,just patting softly for flavering.

Here in Kochi Pref, Japan is famous in “Katuo no tataki” chopped Bonito.

“Katuo no tataki” chopped Bonito is delicious seafood,”and “The shiitake no tataki” is delicious food of the mountain.


The delicious secret is thickness of shiitake and the sauce.

It is good taste when you put ginger or the juice of the citron or lemon to sauce.I want to introduce how to cook “The shiitake no tataki”



Shiitake mushrooms ten pieces (eaten)
Potato starch spoon size 2 (appropriateness)
Wheat flour Spoon size 2 (appropriateness)
Salt and pepper A little
Onion 1/2 unit
Green onion A little


・I slice  onions.

・Chopped green onions

also the green perilla,carrots are useful

How to make Japanese taste sauce

Japanese taste sauce

 Soy sauce  Spoon size 2
 Vinegar  Spoon size 2
Sugar  Spoon size 2
 Juice of ginger  a little
  Juice of the citron  a little

・Soy sauce, vinegar, sugar = 1:1: 1

It is 1 quantity, but please adjust it for preference.

・Squeeze some ginger  and citron, or lemon.

How to cook fried  shiitake mushrooms

Do not wash in water just before put into the hot oil or the oil splash!
Wash them pne day before and dried.

When you cannot wash them, cut a part of hard tip (of mushroom)
Remove the dust of mushrooms or wipe the dirt with kitchen paper.

①Slice the shiitake mushroom on thickness of around 5 millimeters.

②Seasoning with salt and pepper a little bit.

③Mix  Potato starch and  Wheat flour  half-and-half,   and  coat the  shiitake mushroom.

OK.Ready for fry

④Fry them  in oil.

The temperature is around 170 degrees.

For at least two minutes, please fry it in oil.

Because the raw shiitake has various germs if  you do not heat it enough , sometmes you  may have a stomachache.

★Fried crisply is best.

Fried shiitake mushroom

Drain off the  oil with kitchen paper,and serve them to a dish.

Put on some slice  onions、chopped green onions.

Pour the sauce over the dish.

It is good for a snack of the liquor, and it goes well with the rice.

Try to cook.

I love shiitakes.
I hope you do.